In the last few months, the yaos family has almost doubled in size adding two new members to the family!!

The first to join was Michel Baud. Michel wrote his bachelor’s thesis with yaos on data analysis to optimize the use of inflight catering data (a summary of the findings will be published in a later blog post). After the success of his thesis, Michel was invited to join the yaos team in August as a data analyst and application developer. With his background in Business Intelligence and strong interest in data science, Michel adds an interesting flavor to the team. It is yaos vision that better analysis of inflight catering data will enable clients to better predict the consumption patterns of its passengers and considerably reduce the weight of each load. Michel is works tirelessly on building up the LimeFlight infrastructure for data reporting and analytics.

The second new team member, Heidi Ashby, joined in early September, from a completely different background and for a completely different purpose. Heidi, has a strong background in social science and vested interest in branding, marketing and communications. She was brought on board to work with the yaos brand and develop a marketing and communications strategy for the team. The team wants to be, not only a leading software provider for airlines, but also a port of call for the latest tech innovations for airlines and a bridge to the startup world.

Watch this space!