This month yaos is officially launching its new LimeFlight mobile app for Android and iOS. The app provides another key tool for collaboration between caterers, crew members and all other staff involved in the loading process.

What can you do with the LimeFlight app?

  • Reduce time and paper required to view and filter through loading plan
  • Easily integrate and sync with the web application
  • Dramatically improve communication between catering staff and Inflight Services,
  • Easily retrieve all information of a loading effectively and efficiently
  • Efficiently and accurately report missing items and loading errors
  • Track consumption patterns and measure changes (data data data)
  • Use the app in Flight Mode and see galley plans and positions while in flight.

One of the key benefits of the LimeFlight software in general, is that it provides all stakeholders with a single point of truth avoiding mishaps, misinterpretations and miscommunication. Long logistics chains can disengage and distance participants but the LimeFlight mobile app can help prevent this. All data from the web application can be easily synchronized with the mobile app in real time to provide up-to-date records of loading plans or loading errors.

Crew members can now easily report missing items by making a quick note or even taking a photo of where the item was supposed to be and writing a brief message to accompany it.

Furthermore, crew members can view loading plans for all flights, look up individual items to view position details, report loading errors or missing items, and stock take items.

The app also stores details of previous and scheduled flights for the next month including arrival/departure time, aircraft type and expected number of passengers for each class.

Searching for specific items on a flight such as drinks or meals is simple and intuitive. Typing the item name brings up the exact galley position(s) and the number stored on the flight.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the app is its ability to be used in flight mode. All actions except synchronisations, can be taken while in flight and later communicated to the web app.

Our mobile app takes yaos and LimeFlight a step closer to our goal of optimising and automating inflight catering processes for all those involved. The mobile app makes the lives of crew members and airline caterers considerably easier, giving them another tool for collaboration and more time to focus on passenger experience. You can download the app on either the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store.

LimeFlight Mobile
Price: Free
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