Last week we attended the Edelweiss Crew Event where we joined other suppliers and partners including Smashbox Makeup, Samsonite, PackEasy, Retail In Motion and many more. Edelweiss hosts regular crew events to present upcoming inflight changes to their crew, from culinary to duty free to uniforms.

We took the opportunity to present our new mobile app to the Edelweiss Crew and acquaint them with the new technologies they could utilise. We took them through the process of finding items, reporting loading errors, viewing galleys and positions as well as helping the crew members set up the app on their own phones and iPads.

Occasions like this are key for yaos as they provide an opportunity to not only showcase our products but also understand our end users, the problems that they face and how we can alter our products to suit their specific needs. We asked a number of the crew members what problems they encountered the most, what they thought could be added to the application and whether they would use it themselves. We were overwhelmed by the responses and paid close attention to other potential uses mentioned.

A lot of the feedback we received stressed the need for more specific passenger information and in depth details of meals or ingredients to cater to passenger allergies. In it’s present state our app does not include these features but meal planning, in particular is an attribute that we are currently working to include within the LimeFlight application by Q1 next year.

Such information and discussion is invaluable to yaos as it further develops the LimeFlight application. An integral part of our aim is to make the lives of all stakeholders in the airline catering process easier and more efficient thus this feedback is another stepping stone towards realising this objective.

We loved being part of the event and will be back next year! Our strong relationship with our clients and the end users is something that enables us to continually produce high quality software that we can all be proud of.