Over the past few months our development team has been working tirelessly to optimise and update our airline catering software suite, LimeFlight. So what’s new in LimeFlight version 2.0? Let’s inspect!

Our updated LimeFlight version 2.0 is based on user feedback from version 1.0. During the year, we worked closely with our development partners to further understand how they worked with LimeFlight in everyday business, what could be added and what would make the application even more user friendly.

In addition to several small bug fixes and performance improvements, key new features for our catering software suite include:

Versioning: Our new versioning tool allows users to produce multiple versions of loading configurations. These can be coupled with dates and schedule for automated release on a later date in accordance with catering manager planning. This new feature ensures more transparency and traceability of all changes and a powerful tool to analyze changes over a certain period. It also simplifies management of master data for equipment and material.

Change logs: LimeFlight 2.0 provides accurate change logs so all versions and changes can be viewed on global, unit or item level by all those involved. The feature enables accurate recording of loading configuration changes and more fluid communication between all stakeholders. Change logs automate the entire process of updating stakeholders with the latest loading changes, significantly lowering the risks of error and miscommunication. The caterer, for example, is now able to see each position and material change as he is automatically notified.

Dashboard renovation: The original LimeFlight dashboard has been renovated, the flight schedule now displays even more relevant and helpful details necessary for the catering management team.

Improved reliability and performance: We have also taken considerable care in improving the reliability and performance of the entire application especially the reporting features.

Flight Allocation 2.0: The newly designed flight allocation engine enables users to easily allocate load plans to flights with minimal initial configuration. This new feature allows for maximum flexibility in terms of flight schedule change and other unpredictable scenarios. Once set up, the feature works like a Swiss clockwork.

Simplified item replacement: our updated version also allows the simple replacement of certain items within a loading configuration without a complete and fiddly reorganisation. For example, an airline catering manager can simply replace all the Coca Cola bottles in one loading configuration with Pepsi with the press of a button.

We’re very proud of how far LimeFlight has come and look forward to further developments and additions in 2017. If you want more information on LimeFlight 2.0 developments and what is to come drop us a comment below or get in touch!

Keep watching our news page for reviews of 2016 and what we expect for the new year!