As a young company, we are often forced to seek out creative and less traditional ways to obtain knowledge, skills and advice. These ways often come in the form of collaboration with a range of different parties. Recently we began a collaboration with international management students from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

These students wanted to use yaos GmbH as a case study for a group project which would count towards their Bachelor’s degree. The project lasted 12 weeks and began in September. The students came to talk to us about your struggles as a young business in the airline industry and what areas we thought we needed help with. The aim of the project was to get to know our business and provide an external and internal analysis with practical recommendations which would help us improve our operations. Their exploration and findings showed us a fresh perspective of the company and where the focal points of the next year should be. They gave us constructive criticisms of our existing processes and where we should think about creating new ones.

But why bother with such exchanges and why give someone such access to our company? Launching a company with little business and management acumen, teaches you an important truth – anyone can learn anything and years of experience doesn’t necessarily produce good advice. Sometimes fresh ideas come from fresh minds like ours. Let’s call it “creative ignorance”.

Another reason for collaborating with students from ZHAW is that it maintains and strengthens our relationship with the university. ZHAW is the institution that two of our founders, Manuel and Leandro studied at whilst developing LimeFlight and establishing yaos GmbH. The team was also a participant in the prestigious ZHAW Runway Startup Incubator, where they received mentorship and coaching. Relationships or connections such as these are vital for startup survival in such a competitive environment.

We are very grateful for the students from ZHAW who invested their time and energy into this project with yaos. And thank them for the constructive suggestions they gave us based on their experience with our company and research into the airline industry.

Do you have any stories of such collaborations? We’d love to know! Drop a comment below or head over to our contact page and send us a message.