We are yaos.

Our dedication and commitment to client support and centricity
allows us to co-create and learn with our clients as
they prepare for the future.

The yaos story…

Founded in 2015, yaos is the SaaS company behind LimeFlight – the in inflight catering software for airlines. Born and bred in Zurich, Switzerland, the idea and our founders thrived in collaboration with the Zurich University for Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and Swiss Airline Edelweiss. Like most success stories, the product came first.

Fascinated by this niche and unique area, our founders began developing the product in 2012 as a side project while studying at ZHAW. They rapidly realised the untapped potential of the product and jumped at the opportunity to build their own company around LimeFlight. Yaos’ path has not been without challenges as the airline industry remains a difficult industry to infiltrate as a young company. However, our fresh and agile perspective is a key differentiating factor between yaos and competitors. We are always exploring, collaborating and adapting to the needs of their clients and will continue to do so long into the future.

The yaos mission and vision…

We believe that airlines have the economic and environmental responsibility to optimize each flight to the extent that not one single superfluous gram is carried in the air. Given the challenges of the highly complex and interdisciplinary inflight logistics, we are convinced that this is only possible with the help of an intelligent AI-driven system.

Together with our clients we are following one single joint vision:
Contribute substantially to a zero-waste future by drastically reducing food-waste, fuel consumption, costs, and most importantly CO2 emissions with cutting-edge technology created by brilliant minds.


What can yaos do for your airline?