We are yaos.

Our dedication and commitment to client support and centricity
allows us to co-create and learn with our clients as
they prepare for the future.

The yaos story…

Founded in 2015, yaos is an SaaS startup specialising in inflight catering software for airlines. Born and bred in Zurich, Switzerland, the idea and our founders thrived in collaboration with the Zurich University for Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and Swiss Airline Edelweiss. Like most success stories, the product came first. LimeFlight is an inflight catering management software suite for airlines that enables them to update, optimise and future-proof the complex processes of airline catering and loading.

Fascinated by this niche and unique area, our founders began developing the product in 2012 as a side project while studying at ZHAW. They rapidly realised the untapped potential of the product and jumped at the opportunity to build their own company around LimeFlight. Yaos’ path has not been without challenges as the airline industry remains a difficult industry to infiltrate as a young company. However, our fresh and agile perspective is a key differentiating factor between yaos and competitors. We are always exploring, collaborating and adapting to the needs of their clients and will continue to do so long into the future.

The yaos mission…

A Swiss-based SaaS startup in the aviation industry, yaos has an ambitious objective. To enable airlines to reduce their operational and environmental costs by simplifying and optimizing catering and loading logistics.

Get to know us better…

Co-Founder / CTO
Manuel Diggelmann

Manuel is a certified Software Developer with a Bsc. Business Information Technology from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich (ZHAW). As yaos’ CTO he is responsible for the further development and optimization of the LimeFlight web and mobile applications. He works closely with the clients to incorporate their feedback into each iteration.

Founder / CEO
Leandro Röschli

Leandro is a certified IT System Engineer with a Bsc. in Business Information Technology from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich (ZHAW). As original founder and core developer he is the connection between the developers and clients. His knowledge of programming and everyday airline business processes makes him the perfect CEO for yaos.

Co-Founder / CFO
Fabian Niederer

Fabian is a certified IT System Engineer currently studying towards a Bsc in Business Information Technology at Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich (HWZ). Fabian’s core responsibilities are operations, sales and marketing. With a strong background in business managment consulting, he is an ideal co-founder to ensure the healthy growth of yaos.

Data Analyst / Application Developer
Michel Baud

Michel has a Bsc from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich (ZHAW) specializing in Economics & Business Intelligence. Michel also has a strong interest and experience in Data Science and his role with yaos involves building up the reporting and analytics infrastructure for the LimeFlight software.

Customer Relations / Communications
Heidi Ashby

Heidi has a background in the social sciences with a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology. She is responsible for customer relations, communications and marketing. Her unique background brings more creative insight into the communications and marketing process.


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