Introducing LimeFlight.

LimeFlight is a highly intuitive flight catering management
software suite for airlines allowing for reduced complexity
in the inflight catering process for all users.

Why LimeFlight?

The aviation industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world. It is now becoming essential to continuously optimise processes in order to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. LimeFlight effortlessly streamlines your operations allowing you to effectively manage all inflight catering challenges. Bring transparency and measurability in the whole inflight catering process.

A Time Saver

LimeFlight ensures maximum efficiency and time optimization. Initial configuration is made simple and intuitive for any existing IT system. Changes to loading or meal plans require minimal time and effort thanks to a highly responsive modular system. LimeFlight also ensures easy information sharing and improved communication.

  • Rapid Initial Set Up
  • Easy load plan modification
  • Improved information sharing

User Centric

Built in collaboration with the end user and open to continuous iteration, LimeFlight is unbeatable when it comes to user centricity. It allows for fast and intuitive usage and offers cross-platform capabilities requiring only an internet-enabled device with a browser.

  • Intuitive user interface design
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Continuous iteration based on user feedback

Data Driven

LimeFlight provides airlines the tools to manage and utilize their data to further reduce operational and environmental costs. The application provides detailed weight and fuel reports for more economical and accurate galley planning. Such tools can help reduce process and food waste.

  • Detailed weight and fuel reports
  • Easy data maintenance
  • Reduction of process and food waste

Galley Designer

Fast and intuitive designer for creating the galleys of any aircraft. This initial process is designed to be quick and straight forward resulting in accelerated set up time.

Inventory Management

Effective management of equipment inventory allows for detailed recording of consumption patterns on every flight.

Caterer Reports

Full comprehensive and customized reports for catering partners across your network.

Weight Overview

Detailed analysis of total galley weight. Allows accurate insight into fuel optimization potential of every aircraft.

Galley Planning

LimeFlight is equipped with the industry’s most sophisticated drag-and/drop galley loading functionality.

Material Management

Sophisticated material management to keep track of all galley equipment needed for the galley planning process.


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Client Testimonials

"LimeFlight is very modern, straight forward and easy to understand and it takes minimal time to make a loading configuration. LimeFlight lives up to its refreshing name."
Leading European Airline
Head of Inflight
"Absolutely brilliant product. LimeFlight helps us to be agile and lean, save costs and focus on passenger's needs."
Edelweiss Air
Inflight Catering Manager